Almunshed Al-Arabi Construction

Almunshed Al-Arabi as a construction company has at it’s major objective the delivery of customer aims and objectives in excess of their expectations the very first time as a usual routine. Rebuilding the railway routes of Baghdad is now one of our main priorities.
Almunshed Al-Arabi provides building and construction services to both Goverment and private sector establishments who know the value of excellent project completion after first class implementation of services and solutions. Almunshed Alarabi Construction has played a very important role in the rebuilding of the Country after the war and continue to paly a very important role in other construction projects. Our project experience includes Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

A list of our achievements in this area is listed below:
  • Supervision and implementation of Karkuk-Beji-Hedetha railways while it’s station services are being built by the Korean company, Hyundai.
  • Supervision of the Samara railways with their stations and systems being built by the Indian company, Ircon.
  • Rebuilding of the Invitational railway station of Baghdad with all it’s stystems.
  • Rebuilding all railway stations along the Baghdad -Basra line and the Baghdad-Mosul line after the war.


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Almunshed Al-Arabi's project completion has made a remarkable transformation in all contracts undertaken from inception to conclusion. Take a look at the turnarounds given to some of the projects Almunshedalarabi have handled.

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Construction Works

Almunshed Al-Arabi have built bridges, roads, railways, hospitals and other edifices of construction. We have designed and built tall buildings and large structures which have withstood the test of time and all weather conditions.

Engineering Experience

Almunshed Al-Arabi has over eighteen years experience in this particular area and are far ahead of other indigeneous Iraqi construction companies. We have adopted a decentralised communication structure , thereby eliminating unrealistic and cumbersome bureaucratic red tape and restrictions. The result is a faster, efficient and economically viable organisation enabling us finish projects on time with minimal fuss or stress to either Almunshed Al-Arabi or the customer.