As civil engineers, Almunshed Al-Arabi is expected to develop creative, cost-effective solutions to oftentimes challenging problems. We routinely provide solutions for coordination of multiple private and public utilities in densely populated activity centers, for sequencing the work in order to minimize the construction schedule and for providing aesthetic and cost-effective, functional designs.


Civil engineering works:

Design, construction, maintenance:
cover remolding of buildings that includes supplying all finishing, supporting and long-standing style (Structure steel, Sandwich panel, Asbestos top floor).
Concrete works:
constructions of different forms of concert establishment facilities. we have vast acknowledgment for concrete additives and low cost building complex.
Finishing and fine decoration:
Internal design that meet the modern requirement for different usages ,offices , national buildings ,commercial stores and entertainments centers.
Steel structure:
design, supplying and installation different types of scaffolding for different applications, that we have authorization from Golf manufacturing company.